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KMA Studio Hub Design Group

Our prime consultants and designers are the leaders in building / Urban design in conjunction with global climate change 

See our recent searches and publications in this regard, at KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP we take the lead by participating in the 2019 Climate summit and have agreed to limit emissions in the hope of preventing the global average temperature from rising more than 3.6 F above the preindustrial level (a target broadly known by its single-digit metric equivalent of 2 C). If the temperature goes any higher, numerous studies have concluded, there’s no stopping the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets from melting, which within this century could raise the ocean 10 feet and 23 feet, respectively.

Climate change is the fundamental design problem of our time. The effect of projected climate change on building performance is currently a growing research area. Our Building/Urban designers are becoming more concerned that buildings designed for the current climate might not provide adequate working and living environments in the coming decades. Our expertise in building design in conjunction with climate change made us the leaders in designing based on how existing buildings might be adapted to cope with this future climate, and to reduce the chances of the building failing in the future. . 

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