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The B.C. Building Code establishes a satisfactory standard of fire, life and health safety for the design and construction and alteration of buildings. The Fire Code establishes an acceptable standard for fire and life safety for buildings in use.

The two codes are intended to be complementary and coordinated documents which reduce the possibility of conflict in their respective contents. The Fire Code should not conflict with or supersede the requirements in the B.C. Building Code. Occupant loads determined under the two codes will likely be different since they are determined for different reasons. They should not be seen as conflicting.

One of the objectives of the building code is to assure an adequate level of health and safety for the number of people the building is designed to accommodate. The occupant load determines the capacity of the means of egress and other building features.


AT KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP we provide a wide range of services in BCBC to meet specific client objectives and the particular requirements of each design project codes and construction requirements. KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP provides professional building code, fire protection, life safety and accessibility consulting services to building owners, developers, contractors, government agencies, insurers and lawyers. KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP is committed to life safety and property protection through the application of standards and criteria that reflect current knowledge and technology. Our services include the following:




KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP is committed to creating safe and inclusive built environments designs. Expertise on implementing comprehensive accessible design solutions. Actively include and learn from people with a diverse range of abilities and perspectives.

Help limit the probability that, as a result of the design or construction of a new or existing built environment, diverse users will be unacceptably impeded from accessing or using the building’s services and facilities.

Demonstrate the approach to compliance with building codes and standards as the acceptable (minimum) solution. Assess where the requirements apply and where exemptions are given. Guidance on industry best practices where conflicting applications of accessible design requirements arise.

Identify opportunities to improve accessible design solutions, in areas including, but not limited to accessible path of travel, accessible facilities and services, and egressibility.

 Alternative Solutions


Identify, develop, negotiate and certify alternative compliance approaches to building code requirements.


 Assess Fire Performance of Existing Assemblies


Review performance of existing assemblies relative to current code requirements and advices on required upgrades or alternative solutions that may be applied


 Code Compliance Drawings


KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP prepares code compliance drawings in addition to building code reports to demonstrate compliance with applicable codes, standards and regulations. The code compliance drawings include the location of fire separations, travel distances, occupant load, exit capacities and building code concepts applicable to the project.


 Code Compliance Reports


KMA STUDIO HUB DESIGN GROUP Demonstrate the approach to compliance with codes, standards, and regulations by certified BCBC professionals. 



Fire Code Audits


Prepare and submit compliance assessments of existing buildings and operations for compliance with Provincial Fire Codes and assist in negotiations with local fire authorities.